Maharashtra Chess League 2015 – Auction and Exhibition Match

Venue: Novotel Mumbai, Juhu Beach.

May 2015

The game of chess sharpens the mind, a sport recognised worldwide and dominated by a singular mastermind, Vishwanathan Anand, has been in the news once over through the Maharashtra Chess League, a league which boasts of six teams this year, each team having eight of the best players auctioned from amongst a list of hundreds. Organised by the Pune District Chess Circle, MCL is headed by Mr. Aniruddha Deshpande, GM Abhijeet Kunte and Mr. Jain, and the league has been instrumental in the development of chess as a sport within the country and in sharpening the minds a giving better exposure to hundreds of players each year.

At the show this year a neat and clean setup was witnessed by hundreds of press photographers and reporters amongst a very precise who’s-who guest list of just 175 elite, for after the auction a very special exhibition match was scheduled to be played, a match of perfectionists, between GM Vishwanathan Anand and Mr. Aamir Khan! Both who strive for perfection, think deeply, act methodically, who never give up and are mavericks, kings of their own realms! The friendly between the superstars was a serious affair, and the game of wits rendered now unanimous winner, the promotion of the chess league and the initiative of ‘Chess in School’.

We had the time of our lives at this one. Take a look to know what you missed!!
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