Launching the Rocket Launcher for Electropneumatics

Special achievements are momentous occasions and need special celebrations. For our dearest friends at Electropneumatics, all their hard work had translated into a stupendous achievement, they'd built a rocket launcher, and not just something conventional, something more complicated than that and that too for the Indian Defence Services.The launch of the rocket launcher was actually the ceremony to commission the device and place it in active service. In the presence of the most senior officers of the Indian Defence Services and Mr. Anthony Rasquinha with other promoters of the company and the people who made it all happen, an elaborate launch ceremony was done. Concealing and revealing a three floor high and 40 feet wide rocket launcher posed it's own challenges, and it was a fun challenge for us to engineer the reveal mechanism, adapt it to suit the purpose.A perfectly executed project was summed up with a perfectly planned and executed launch event. Here a peak behind the curtains!