Sears Holdings Annual Day 2014

To be an integral part of the Sears Holdings Annual Day 2014, for the second time in a row, is a genuine pleasure and if an artist had to paint ‘elation’ it will look like the smiling faces of SHI’s associates, our team, the production and the setup! It really was smiles all around!
The SHI Annual Day 2014, ‘UMANG 2014’ as we called it was a month long celebrations galore, with activities conducted at the SHI campus everyday and specials on Fridays, building up to the Annual Day at The Westin, Koregaonpark. The 1200 plus associates danced to glory on this eventful day filled with rewards and recognitions, dance performances, fashion shows, singing and music and of course a DJ for everyone to shake a leg!
Here’s what all was in store for all the associates of Sears Holdings India!
The Announcement
The folks at Sears Holdings set their ears to the tunes of folk music and traditional announcements! The launch of the Sears Holdings Zest 2014, the beginning of the 40 days of celebration, the beginning of yet another way to enjoy at work, the beginning of a new chapter – ‘Umang 2014’, was with done in style with a host of folk performers, street plays and a lot of tradition at the caps of the corporate. It’s the start of something beautiful, that’s how it can be all summed up! Keep watching this space for updates on Sears Holding’s – Umang 2014.
The UMANG Times
Was a weekly circulation newspaper that featured news of the week that was. With over a thousand five-hundred prints a week, it was easily the largest circulating private weekly newspaper! Packed with articles, stories, pictures and games, it was all SHI and UMANG themed and specially created and drafted with precision.
Funky Fridays
Each friday hosted a different event at the SHI campus. With DJ evenings, Fun Games, Anaksharis, Quizzes and other activities, the schedule was overflowing with fun for all. Each event was drafted and crafted around the theme and specially designed for the SHI associates.
The April Fool’s Day
It’s always good to have a laugh, and to have that on someone else’s expense is even better! On the occasion of the April Fool’s Day, the build-up to UMANG saw some pranks and practical jokes pulled off in style at the SHI campus. The victim of one prank was adequately motivated to pull off another prank on someone else! It was ‘back to our college and school days’ is what they all remarked at the end of the day!
With a host of other actives, it was a bustling month and a half for us which resulted in a fun month at SHI. Have a look!