Indus Health Plus Annual Day 2014

Venue : Balewadi Boxing Arena


In the presence of 3000 spirited associates of the preventive health check-up specialist, Indus Health Plus, celebrated 14 jubilant years of prowess in the cause full of belief and empowerment. A celebration which saw hordes of smiling faces and one at which scores of life-changing stories were a regular affair was graced by the management guru from our dear own Coca-cola, Mr. Iyer.

Sixteen by Sixty-four Media has been a part of these celebrations since Rock-on in 2008 each and every year till Umang in 2014, and this relationship continues, better still grows into an ever blooming blossom. It remains to us one of the most cherished relationships of all time.

Some glimpses from the 14th year celebrations, a stream from Balewadi Sports Complex, Pune.