Keyur Godse Founder Director

Bachelor of Engineering, Management Program for Entrepreneurs (IIM – Bangalore), Post Graduate Studies : International Marketing and Organisational Behaviour (Harvard University, Cambridge, MA)
Experience : 9 Years
An entrepreneur to the core, a perfectionist at work, a highly demanding boss at work and an equally amazing pal otherwise. His hunger for knowledge is clearly visible through his academics. He likes to share the knowledge gained with the team and apply it to daily work. He has been the face of the company since its inception and has played a pivotal role in its growth and success story.

Neeraj Biniwale Founder Director

Bachelor of Engineering and MBA
Experience : 10 Years
His exceedingly sublime skill of understanding the team, his strength to adapt to every situation and play the required vital role – each time, make him a critical resource and a principal team lead for all the teams. His exceptional talent in all departments and a monstrous appetite for work mark a benchmark for everyone.

Amrut Athavale Founder Director

Bachelor of Engineering
Experience : 7 Years
A philanthropist of logical thinking, a colossal understanding of the corporate world – specially the information and technology businesses from his historical employers, few can bring to table the expertise, which he gets as easily as abc. His command over operations, accounts, compliances and admin streamline the work processes. His filmography knowledge and fun-facts keeps everyone informed about the film circuit.

Sopan Sharma Founder Director

Bachelor of Engineering
Experience : 7 Years
An artist at heart, a biker by heart, a musician, a photographer and a writer – all by heart. His limitless exposure, knowledge and pristine understanding of a variety of issues make himĀ a powerhouse of concepts and ideas. With built-in flair he has a charisma that draws everyone to him, and he never lets them down. His philosophy about the company make him an inseparable part of the organisation.

Satyashree Panse Head : Client Servicing

A Microbiology Graduate and MBA.
Experience : 6 Years
A highly sociable, trustworthy, understanding, fun-loving and dependable persona, she is an undisputed asset and has been a part of the company since it’s inception. Her towering contribution in the events team alone is more than enough to emphasise her importance in the team and within the team members.

Mayur Deshmukh Graphic and Design - Events

Diploma in Animation
Experience : 3 Years
His energy and enthusiasm propel the team a mile further, may it be a production or procurement, a deliverable or a design, his effectiveness in a vast gamut of working heads is admirable and highly competent.

Amruta Kulkarni Events Executive

Bachelor of Commerce and Diploma in Event Management
Experience : 2 Year
Her quick learning ability and the refreshing attitude render her as an integral part of the events team. Her skill to adapt to various situations make her an effective team player and a great asset.